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In our home lives with us and school-aged son a couple of dobermanns, a standard poodle, a flocks of lovebirds and a few bigger parrots. This site is dedicated to our pets.

Dobermans since 1993

Dobermanns are bred by on a small scale, randomly and completely as a hobby. My goal is to breed well-balanced family members who have an ability to do work too no matter of the sport. The idea is to constantly improve and develop my own familiar breeding line, which has over the years become a familiar to me. Puppies we have very rarely. If you have any questions about my dogs, puppy plans or just want to talk to the diverse service dog, please contact us.

Close to the my heart has also been a Finnish Doberman Rescue, in which I spent over a decade providing foster home to many who need it. Some of them stayed the rest of their lives with us.

  You can meet our dobes here.

Standard Poodle


The delighter of our family, standard poodle called Luka came to us as a adult new home needed dog. His purpose is to teach us to understand what is the innermost of the poodle and develop our experiences from other breeds and working with them. Luka has shown already so good qualities, that perhaps he will not be the only poodle in our family in the future.

  Meet Luka here.

The Lovebirds - those charming ones

We have three different breeds of lovebirds: peachfaces, fischers and maskeds. Breeding is a very small scale and it is mainly based on my own needs. So I don't breed these for sale purposes, but rather the goal is to provide a standard species of birds, taking care of the quality and gene pool, and educate Finnish people to undestad these lovely little parrot.

  A little bit more about them here.

Other Parrots

We also have a three loud eclectus parrots, one female and two males. Our dream is someday to try to breed these, possibly very soon. Tame and harness trained Edi-female goes with me in some different events, shows and lectures, making this type of parrot familiar to people.

The cockatiels are only pets and became almost by accident, mainly a new home seekers. These Lapwings lives a happy life here without producing any offspring in aviary conditions.

Grey Parrot is actually a legitimate mascot in our family. Jako is already about 25 years old and he came to us through our Parrot society group who finds new homes to adult re-home parrots. Jako came first to a temporary home, but delighted the whole family so that was allowed to stay here permanently. Now Jako has also a kind of fellow -  Papu ("Bean"), who is also a bird of same background and the same age with Jako. These gray clowns will take care of our house humor. They also has toured a number of events to tell their own story, and I hope this positively impacting others the life of birds.

Here you can find more abot them.

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